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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A to Z Challenge Reflections Mega Post

Pardon this interruption in my Z to A character sketchings, but it's time to reflect on April's Challenge.  What a ride!  I made the mistake of writing virtual articles instead of posts.  My subject demanded that I do some preliminary research to decide who to write about, careful reading and editing of the biographies for basic facts, and then a bit of analysis to identify what I thought might be the lovable traits in my subjects.

It was very demanding, but also very rewarding!  I definitely confirmed my suspicion that God loves us all, and I hope I established the idea that our response to God, our application of the gifts He has given, is what really matters.

Between June 2009 and March of 2011, I had attracted ONE follower.  Since April 1st, 30 more!  I am so honored, and grateful for all of the visitors and comments and money.  Oh, no one left any money?  Well, then for the visitors and the comments then.

And I have had a great time visiting and commenting on some really cool, inspiring blogs out there!
I hope you come by and check out my 26 characters this month.  I am looking forward to discovering who they are just as much as you might be!


  1. I think we all learned at least one thing during the A to Z Challenge, including the support that fellow bloggers are happy to provide. Glad to have you with us going backwards!

  2. I met some really wonderful people in April...and I love that the May challenge has some new faces, so I'm sure that by month's end, we'll all have made a bunch more new friends. :O)

    I’m blogging my way back from Z to A and my “X” post is right here.


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