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Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Queenie


 Who ARE these people anyway ? If I were you, I'd go read my intro here and then start from "Zoe" on May 2nd!

Queenie was tall for her age when she was eleven.  That was probably the first thing she had in common with Zoe, and perhaps why she seemed to idolize her when Zoe started working at Drake's.  The first time Zoe waited on me and Teddy, Queenie was tagging along.  She gave Teddy a little wave that night instead of the usual hug, as she was watching Zoe adoringly from a few feet away.  A few months later I noticed that Queenie's laugh had become more like the one I had heard from the kitchen; there was more of a raucous, "look-at-me-laugh" aspect in there that made me shiver.

Drake was never concerned about her, until about 6 years later, when she was really in trouble, and it was  almost too late.

There are all kinds of trouble a girl can get into.  What are the worst kinds, and what can be done to help her out?


  1. Well there is the obvious...pregnancy, but something tells me you have a much more unique downfall for Queenie to experience!

  2. Drugs and alcohol lead to all other problems.



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