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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Isaac


Isaac always seemed uncomfortable in our meetings. Guys would be talking about their “issues”, sharing openly about very sensitive matters (By the way: I never heard of one instance where the vital respect for confidentiality in our group was broken) and I would see Isaac turn red, and gulp, and shuffle his feet, and look out the window as if it was his sworn duty to monitor that squirrel's activities. He was the one odd guy who simply could not relate, even in general, to the discussions we sometimes had about temptations or pornography or household responsibilities. Even the subject of arguing with the wife drew a blank unknowing stare from Isaac! We always teased him for being either super human or subhuman; nobody knew which!

While most of us in the men's group were working at overcoming some past habit, or dealing with it's fallout, Isaac found his niche in praying for us. As a child, he told me once, he simply trusted his parents and did what he was told. As a teen, his Dad challenged him to test the Gospel for himself before his Mom and Dad would “let” him believe it. Obediently, he checked out everything he had been told, and after two years Isaac decided for himself that he could believe. Then he began to memorize scripture and implement a regular program of simply doing what he read there. His baptism at 18 was not done under any churchy peer pressure, but out of obedience, this time to God.

While other teens (most of us guys) were starting to waste at least some years in rebellion, Isaac was deliberately growing toward God. While we sowed wild oats, he was tending his soil. While we harvested our crops of suffering and compiled regrets, Isaac produced the good fruit of being a healthy disciple of Christ. Yes he was sometimes the odd man out, and could turn all shades of pink, but as he told me one day “I would rather be guilty of naivete than anything else.” I was always happy for him because while some of the guys had to cry brokenheartedly over the abortions they provoked, or the lovely women they had hurt and betrayed, Isaac could, at least in his heart, live up to his name and just “laugh” at sin.

We may sometimes disparage those who act like they are "holier than thou."  But once in a while someone comes along who actually is......holier than thou, I mean.  Do you know somebody who deserves to be recognized for his or her good example?  What characteristics would you recommend I give my Isaac, to help him cope with such a strange status?

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  1. As a prodigal Christian who is always having to ask for God's forgiveness...Just about everyone is Holier that Moi!


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