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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meet Teddy

I first met Teddy when I had to play her at a chess tournament when I was 12 and she was 10 years old.  I saw the name and rating on the pairings sheet by mine and  knew I would take another win, but when I got to the table and saw "Teddy" I forgot how the pieces moved!  I really was a much better chess player (if ratings mean anything) but she beat me good in just 18 moves!  It was the undeniable promise of her coming beauty that knocked me off my game, and it was the mature expression of that promise I suddenly recognized one day nine years later in a crowded college hallway.   I literally chased her down the hall calling her name(of course I remembered her name!), but Teddy did not even slow down. But when I yelled "check" she did stop abruptly, turn her head just a little bit, and I saw her lips say "checkmate"!  Apparently she also had our last conversation entirely memorized.  At that moment I was so happy that I only blundered through that game of chess, for a plain looking guy like me would never have had a chance in that hallway with such a beautiful, confident woman!

There is nothing like a woman who lives out her life with the understanding that she represents the pinnacle of God's creative work; His highest achievement in flesh and bone.  No matter what form or shape her particular body is in, such a mature woman, like Teddy, will stand tall and use her precious days to minister with the confidence and humility that empowers great works.  As her husband, I later became one of Teddy's great works.

When we re-met, Teddy was one year behind me in school, so I added another major and we graduated together.  Since we were married, Teddy and I have done everything, well, all but one thing, together.

Who ARE these people anyway (Read my intro here)?

So I have made some bold statements about what I see as God's view on the role and nature of women (Is it any wonder that a gentleman would honor such a creature by at least holding a door open for her?).   By the way;  the greatest of good works accomplished are sometimes unrecognizein life and may go completely unacknowledged by the world , but they are entirely known and honored by God.  Any comments? 


  1. Your character intros have made me really want to read the completed work!

  2. Check my comment on Updike. I have lived, worked and excelled in a man's world for 25 years. I don't have anything to prove so I am free to relax and be a traditional wife at home.


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