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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet X-Ray

It didn't take long for a new guy to figure out why Ray was called X-Ray. He always came into our meetings quietly, grabbed a cup of coffee, and just sat down somewhere along the wall.  A guy might be forced to sit nearby if he came in late, but the guys always felt naked around him (Krispy once told me that when X was around, he wanted to wrap himself up in a lead blanket!). It didn't matter how far away you sat, however; because if you had something you were trying to hide, after the meeting you would turn around and there was X-Ray, with a full cup of cold coffee still in his hand. He would stand there and blow into his Styrofoam cup for no good reason, take a little sip, and maybe even burn his lip. Then he'd look right in your eye and with a wall breaking compassion say, “How's it REALLY going?” Real X-rays never bother with small talk either.

No body ever helped me through the rough times like X-Ray did. And nobody ever knew.

I bet you know an "X-Ray".  Would you give me a clue about what other characteristics mine might have?


  1. LOL..brought a smile to my face, a good way to begin the day as I wait for the coffee to finish brewing.

    Good luck with the a-z challenge.

  2. A wonderful piece of writing! I love how Ray blows into his cup of coffee for no reason at all. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Shifty people tend to avoid real X-Ray types...and if they are around one, get called out on something, and get all pissy, X-Ray just quiets and lowers his eyes a bit, confirming his accuracy without making a scene.

    I’m blogging my way back from Z to A and my “X” post is right here.

  4. A ha! Thanks for the insight. (How do you know this?)

  5. I'm X-Ray, except I do dig small talk. ;O)

  6. Quick to hone in on the psyches of others but not known to reveal much of himself?


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