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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet Ned


Who ARE these people anyway? If I were you, I'd go read my intro here and then start from "Zoe" on May 2nd!

Ned was always one of those guys that everybody hated to love, but did anyway. Good looking, built like a rock, solid and tall, smart as can be, and friendly too! The guy excels in all he does, and has developed his carpentry business to the point where, at 25, he just built his third house. Like a lot of those 'perfect' guys, however, Ned has a problem that he can not manage. (I knew a guy like Ned years ago who simply could not whistle; the one factor that became his hallmark trait for those of us who would otherwise have been irreparably jealous and resentful of his many natural gifts.)

I might have never known about Ned's one weakness, if he had not been working in my kitchen one day when X-Ray came over. Ned managed his regular big smile and easy banter throughout our mutual conversation, but I have learned to recognize when X's alarm bells are going off. Very subtle they are, but if X breaks eye contact, even for a few seconds, there is something wrong. Of course he never said anything to me about Ned, but he asked me if I had one of his business cards before he left.

Later, I got much more deeply involved.

Thankfully I have caller ID, so that when X-Ray calls I can pretend I'm not home!  How about you?  Might you avoid the X-Ray call?  Or are you more perfect still than Ned is?


  1. I really want to read your completed piece! You know, if you ever need a beta reader, I'd be happy to help...

  2. OK...I just have to know, what IS Ned's fault? Is is his name? Maybe his mom thought he was such beautiful baby and named him...Nedalicious..that must be it!

  3. Cyndi! Have you hacked into my notes? No, that can't be, because I spelled it Nedilicious with an I instead of an A.


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