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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Meet Oscar


Who ARE these people anyway? If I were you, I'd go read my intro here and then start from "Zoe" on May 2nd!

There was a time I thought Oscar would be a good driver for me.  Until I let him drive for me.  In any other venue outside an automobile's driver's seat, Oscar was at ease, in charge, seemingly capable and responsible.  But behind the wheel he suddenly became nervous and irritable, unsteady and downright dopey.  Confident in the old man's nature, I asked him to drive me all the way out to the cemetery one day.  I discovered quickly that if we ever made it, we just might be staying for more than a visit.

The first thing I noticed about Oscar's driving was that his right foot was not very steady.  Stepping on and off the gas pedal in perfect time like a drummer playing the high-hat, I imagine he averaged the posted speed, but I also found it easy to imagine I was getting whiplash.  Oscar's steering also gave rise to a musical simile; like a violinist's bow, we turned back and forth across the highway from the dashed lines to the solid line and back again.  I may have looked like I was enjoying the concert with one arm draped over the seat and the other laying along the door's window, but I was really bracing myself for the inevitable rollover!

Normally, this one on one time with one of the guys is invaluable.  Two guys alone, and without the pressure of eye contact, can sometimes cover a lot of ground in discussing important matters.  I believe that Oscar was thinking about some of his issues with Hannah, and wanted to talk, but his deepest thoughts were all being expressed through the wheel and pedal.  And that was not safe for anyone.

Do you have any trouble communicating your important thoughts?  Are you safe?


  1. This blog thing has given me a way to communicate that I've never experienced, and I'm loving it! As for thing my job has taught me is, we are never really safe. That is actually quite freeing. We're all here on borrowed time...may as well relax and enjoy it!


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