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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Meet Joanna


Joanna liked living with Stan the man. She wasn't thrilled with sub sandwiches or with our little downtown, and she certainly resented that our little newspaper made a point of calling her “Stanley's new girlfriend” when they featured his shop's story on the front page, but she liked Stan. And for all of his gruff ways, and his determination to be hard and cool and...practical, I could tell that Stan was deeply in love with Joanna.

How the two right people so often find each other is one of life's mysteries. How Joanna willingly gave up her family in the city to move into Stan's over-the-shop apartment, is the other one.

Oh the complications!  Isn't life messy enough within a single straightforward marriage without introducing ex spouses and step children and half-siblings?  The men and women who rescue the broken, and form new families are heroes.  But what heartache and trauma do we open ourselves up to and why?

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  1. My three kids' father left me when they were very young and was absent from their childhood. Four years later, I remarried and this man raised my children as his own. When he died, they all got a tattoo to honor him. Not my choice for remembrance, but touching just the same. Recently, I married a wonderful man. My kids were standoffish at first, thinking if they accepted him that it would taint their "Dad's" memory, but my husband has been patient and giving and has won them over hands down. God has been good to me.


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