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Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Charles


"Where does Charles fit in?"  Well, Charles, you came back to Riverton to interview me about the 'miracle' that happened here. It was your idea to write a book telling it all, and you were the one who noticed that the names of all the prominent players could each be assigned to a different letter of the alphabet  I was very impressed that  you only had to employ a couple of nicknames to do it! . But it looks like the “C” spot is reserved for you sir! I am sure you realized that all along; and that's why you asked me to start with Zoe and work backwards, isn't it?  I know, I know; “I'm the one asking the questions here Epaphras," you say.  It's a good thing, Charles, that I love you like a son!

A little bit of candid commenting is called for at this point.  Is this series making any sense?  Is the main plot line now discernible?  Epaphras suffered some mysterious loss, but went on to serve his Lord by ministering to the men, and thus the families, of his community.  The story will be told through the process of his being interviewed by Charles (Rats!  I have to come up with LAST names too?).  Please feel free to leave the harshest criticisms that come to mind.......on someone else's blog!  Only kidding; insert nasty observations below.  Thanks.  Mike


  1. Does he ever go by Chuck?


  2. I reiterate my last comment. This book is well underway and what a creative way to weave the Z to A into the plot line.


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