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Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Peter


Who ARE these people anyway ? If I were you, I'd go read my intro here and then start from "Zoe" on May 2nd!

Don't ever call him Petey, or even Pete! My friend would not even allow Macy to call him anything but Peter.  I understand that he admires the original Peter, but Jesus got away with calling his Peter Rocky! It's really something special to have a Biblical name when you've become a believer (I know that better than anyone!), but Peter might be better off if he could relax a little bit and admit that accepting the grace is what really matters.  In fact, if he weren't so determined to emulate the great preacher, teacher and humble martyr that Jesus' Peter became, my Peter might have avoided the impetuous, rash and sometime cowardly aspects of his hero.

Maybe I'm just jealous of his simple, straightforward, classic, non-weird Bible name.  I appreciate  mine now, but it sure has made my life more interesting than it ever needed to be.  The best part for me?  When I caught up to Teddy in that hallway, she remembered my name too!

Peter has always been a hero to the Church.  Not just because he became a great man of faith, but because he was a real man with real failings.  Jesus probably shook his head more than once at the man He called Rocky, but later made it a real point to make His love abundantly clear.

So......any guesses before I reveal the name of our narrator(sometime before the alphabet runs out of letters)?


  1. I'm just anxious to read a plot synopsis that has 26 characters. Any chance this book will be out in the foreseable future?

  2. "26 letters"?? Nobody told me there were 26 letters in this alphabet!

    I have no idea Cyndi. I can't imagine having/taking the time to really work on it.

  3. You realize that we're gonna dog you until you make the time, right??


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