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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Meet Drake


Torn right in half; split down the middle; the classic example of the double-minded man. This is Drake. Visiting guests at their tables in his restaurant, Drake was the most congenial host you could imagine. But catch him in the kitchen when a plate happened to be ill prepared or was slow in going out and you would see a different man altogether. One time I came out of the restroom when Zoe was heading into the kitchen. She was returning a steak that the customer said was overdone and she actually stopped and crossed herself before going in to 'Face the Drake', as she put it. It wasn't long before the shouting began.

I told Teddy that Updike was definitely not working that night. I knew, because when Updike was around, Drake was full of self-control and sweet as pie. Otherwise, he felt free to act the tyrant. Likewise, one could tell if Updike was working by the way Drake treated Zoe. He was either all business and professional, or all man and ...unprofessional.

The funny thing is that a man like Drake somehow thinks he's fooling everyone. But I never had to inform Teddy, and she didn't have to tell Updike. Updike never even needed to tell Queenie, and even if there was someone who could have sat Zoe down, she already had her eyes wide open, and played the game freely. It was only Drake who was “unstable in all his ways” and I knew it would fall to good old Epaphras to confront him.   

James 1:8 says that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.  Yipes!  It doesn't just stay in one realm of our lives, but it spreads!  How long will Drake's restaurant, or anything else for that matter, last, if everything he does becomes 'unstable'?  And how and when can we justify 'interfering' in someone else's life when a problem is obviously threatening?

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  1. You really need to write this book are so close as it is!


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