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Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet Victor

I never knew Victor back in the day, and so I scarcely believed it when he told me this part of his story: He said that ever since he learned to write, and for many many years after, he whispered to himself “Yeah, right!” every single time he wrote his first name. I started to cry when the small skinny guy (he is only 5”10!) told me about that miserable set of lies, and the burden of foolishness that he had believed, and carried. But while I was tearing up, he started to chuckle, and then suddenly burst out laughing! Then I caught on and started laughing too! Like an irony wrapped up in....another irony, Victor has become a real victor! And that's the Victor I have known and loved!

I'm afraid the younger version of my Victor is all too common.  Hopefully you are not all too familiar with his condition, but maybe you do know of his ultimate Victory!  Pray, do tell!


  1. This piqued my curiosity -- good job, Mark


  2. HMMM...surviving crippling depression?


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