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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Hannah


Hannah's life was shattered before it had even begun. The word we typically use for a situation like hers is “abused”, but why not use more descriptive language? As a toddler Hannah was emotionally shattered. During her early school years she was physically and thus intellectually shattered. Before she had a chance to wade through the normal distress and mystery of puberty, Hannah was sexually shattered. Consequently, Hannah had become a person who was for all intents and purposes, spiritually shattered.
But I have known Oscar and Hannah for a long time and I can say, with their permission, that a positive corner has finally been turned! Hannah will tell you, as she has told me several times, that it was Oscar's steadfast though sometimes bewildered love that carried her through to the point where so many of the broken pieces of her life could be reassembled.

I told you that Oscar was not a reliable driver; that he was distracted and maybe careless behind the wheel. These problems are the fruit of his love for Hannah. The man poured so much thought and prayer and downright work into addressing the complications of life with Hannah, that something had to give. But I expect the hard fruit effects will soon be ripening and the two of them will produce a fine crop of good works together. Hannah has met with at least two women whose lives were similarly broken, and Oscar has been encouraging the men to “love their wives, as Christ loved the Church (and GAVE HIMSELF for it)!”

Of course there is no salvation in "good works".  But good works should follow naturally after the joy of being redeemed.  Who can look back over their lives and see a human hand of deliverance?  Can you name the people who were critical in putting you back together?  

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  1. Yes I can...and someday...maybe I will. Thank-you for helping me to remember them!


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