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Monday, May 2, 2011

Meet Zoe

Tall and dark with long thin black hair, Zoe seemed to make up for her weak figure with an extroverted, nervous zeal for contact. Whereas some curvier women seek to camouflage their vulnerabilities, Zoe exerted her dearth of inhibitions. As the bad dream girl of too many failing husbands, she was every good wife's nightmare,. She was a waitress at our favorite restaurant, and if it was just Teddy and I going out to eat, we tried to avoid going in when she was on duty. But Zoe was there that night.

Do you know anybody like Zoe?  What else do I have to know to depict this character well?


  1. I'd keep an eye on that girl if I were you. ;)

    What an interesting way to use the Z to A challenge!

  2. You sure her name isn't Marie Anne?

    I’m hosting Z to A in May, but I’m blogging at:
    Ross County Roundup

  3. Well........dark hair Marie, DARK hair.

  4. I believe we all know a Zoe!

  5. Zoe sounds mysterious and alluring.

    This seems like a good way to get interest and a following for your novel.


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