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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Meet Wade

Another big man. Why have I known so many big men in my life? I'm only 5'8 myself, or at least I used to be that tall. But Wade is up there at 6'3 or 6'4. For a middle age guy it seems funny that he still wears his brown hair kind of longish over his ears, like The Hulk. But YOU tell him he's out of date.  One time I made some crack about whether HE could have stopped that lineman better than the guy he was mocking in the Super Bowl and he gave me a look that settled the matter. He could have. But Wade might also have gone bursting into the other team's locker room after the game, or tried to stop the guy again outside the stadium just to prove the point. His thin skin and excitable nature did not work very well with his impregnable body.  

Or maybe they did.   When he was my driver, I always / never felt safe in the passenger seat.

So who do you know that scares you and makes you feel safe at the same time?


  1. BESIDES two year olds I mean!

  2. My dog -- he's as neurotic and spastic as I am. ;)

    He is fiercely loyal... but he is also scared of his own shadow. He might attack someone just because he's worried about me, whether it's warranted or not.

  3. Sounds like my wife's Chihuahua. He'll bark ferociously at a visitor, from behind my wife's legs!

  4. I can't think of anyone in my life right now that brings about those feelings. Wade sounds like a brute.

  5. I hope Wade doesn't read your blog. I've always had a fear of authority figures. Being in a principal's office as an adult is not much better than as a child.


  6. I guess my ex-husband fits the bill on your question. But, eventually, the scared part overpowered the feel safe part. Thus - EXhusband.

    Stopping by from the Z to A in May Challenge. You can find me at:
    The Frustrated Foodie

  7. Nobody. I like a few people who others might find scary, but in these cases, I know that they are just 'sweet wrapped in crunchy.' ;O)

  8. When I was a child, it was my Dad. With one look he could wither me, but I knew that I was completely safe when he was around. We lost him last August...I miss him terribly.


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