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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet Ralphie

 Who ARE these people anyway (Read my intro here)?  If I were you, I'd go start from "Zoe" on May 2nd!

I think I told you that Stan “never took his eyes off of mine”, but he is a piker compared with Ralphie!  When Ralphie caught your eye, she never let go.  Not that she had the reading-your-thoughts kind of insight of someone like old X-Ray, but her look made you feel like you were the star of the show.  Instead of looking to make a judgment or settle on a verdict, Ralphie just wanted to know a) what made you tick b) who wound you up c) when you next had to be cranked and d) all of the particulars about your gears and flywheels!  Not to be nosey, well, yes, to be nosey, but not for its own sake; Ralphie was out to discover and document for herself everything she could about the people she met and the God who had designed them.

Ralphie is kind of short and roundish and has appropriately big eyes (a mean spirited cousin had her wondering for weeks when he said she looked like Ralph Kramden, but when she saw “The Honeymooners” she adopted the name gladly  Once I asked her what her real name was, and she paused, and asked me "What is the significance of a name in your mind?").  Sometimes Ralphie crosses too far into your space as she peers up and asks the most pointed, all encompassing question, but she limits herself to one.  And if you ever did answer that one question, however,Ralphie would learn as much as a lawyer from an afternoon's worth of cross examination.

There is nothing to fear from Ralphie.  Would that more of us were more intrigued with, and less judgmental of,  our fellow createes!  But what do you think I am missing about this character?


  1. We know how Ralphie feels about others, but how does she feel about herself?

  2. Good question Cyndi! And thanks for all of your great comments!


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