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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Meet Macy


Who ARE these people anyway? If I were you, I'd go read my intro here and then start from "Zoe" on May 2nd!

I admire Macy for several reasons, but mainly because she is able to keep such a good attitude going all the time! Macy is the ultimate multi-tasker; able to keep her shop downtown thriving while at the same time raising four kids and, managing Peter. If someone mentions her name I picture Macy following Peter through the woods. Her blonde hair is up, perfectly neat as always, and so are her arms. Peter is ahead,on some important mission and while Macy is perfectly willing to support his efforts, she has to deal with all the branches he sends whipping back at her in his zealous and careless rush forward. But even in my mind's eye, Macy is laughing and going with the flow. They are the perfect pair. Together, with their combined massive brain, and complementary brawn, they can tackle any job!

I've sat in Stan's with Peter and Macy eating lunch. He attacks his sub just to make sure it doesn't get away. She attacks hers because she can then check 'eat lunch' off her list and get on to the next item. It works out great because they're done together and out the door together before the flap on the garbage can stops swinging.

How does Macy do it?  What is it about such a woman that allows her to be so selfless?


  1. Peter must genuinely love her, and she knows it. Love makes everything seem effortless, even when it's anything but.

  2. Aren' all women like this when it comes to their men? Macy must be patterned after Lilly...


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