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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meet Arty

Since my name is mentioned twice in Colossians, I have a certain affinity for other names mentioned there. Barnabas is one of those, and so are Tychicus and Aristarchus. I have never met one of these latter two, but through a little bit of creative derivating, I sometimes call Arthur, my pharmacist friend downtown, Tarchus, just to kind of spread my wealth of uniqueness around. It's a stretch I know, but he likes it. Arty has long been the nicknamer around here. Every group has a guy who makes it his personal duty to find appropriate monikers for everybody else, and he is usually very skilled at the task. The problem is that he can't justify giving himself a good nickname, and he generally goes without. But I fixed that. Tarchus is perfect for him, since he can't really offer a good explanation for it when asked. This makes it even better because we then share the same name-explaining burden, which completes the circle of illogic. Colossians says that Aristarchus was “a fellow prisoner”.

What do you mean you don't get it Chuck-icus? Ok, it's getting late. I'm starting to laugh at my own jokes.

Thanks for stopping in to MILLERWRITES. I hope this story concept is interesting to you. Should I work on it? (Should I really really really work on it, a lot?)  That's what I thought!

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