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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Favorite Freckle

I have a favorite freckle dear;
It's left cheek, under eye.
It's hard to kiss it by itself,
But certainly I'll try!

I have a favorite spoon, don't you?
It looks like all the rest.
I just can't tell which one it is,
But know that it's the best!

My house's coolest hinge you ask?
Closet door of course!
When I begin to praise its pin,
My voice will end up hoarse.

I like this spot on Lucas' back

It has a certain shape,
So look real close and you will see
It's like a squish-ed grape.

Each button on the stereo

Does something, I am sure.
Though one stands out above the rest
(You'll notice on the tour)!

Say hi to Fibros! (He's the one waving.)

Now fibers in the carpet,
are often just the same.
But I have found a favorite,
And I've given him a name.

My favorite leaf, I'd show you,
But now it's hard to see.
Each year it comes out higher up--
That silly growing tree.

I go through lots of handkerchiefs.

(Allergic now to Poles!)
My favorite one is still complete
With hardly any holes.

My quandary comes with my three kids.
Each one is so unique.
I can not tell the difference,
To me they all are Greek!

Victoria is the precious one.

(My one and only girl).
Married now with babies
She's more and more a pearl.

Since Noah grew up fast and lean,
Maturing every day,
An equal man to my own years,
He is in every way.

Josh the first base umpire

So Josh believes he's twenty one
(The youngest, growing up)!
Though funny, brave and smart and good,
He'll always be my pup!

If you would like a brood like mine,
(Do not start to heckle),
But go and find a pretty girl,


  1. Some great favourites there, Mike! Now I'm just ioff to ginf my favourite hinge!

  2. How cute! Love this one Mike. Nice to meet your family. Well done, sir.

  3. Okay, I'm betting that even at week's end, this will be amongst my favorites! I lovity-love-loved this! :O)

  4. Ok ok, my boys are 'precious' too!

  5. What a great post!! *waves back to Fibros*

    I absolutely adored this!

    Cheers, Jenn

  6. Thanks everybody! It was fun to write, and take the appropriate pictures!

  7. This post is darling! Love it!


  8. Great post, today! I love the ending.

  9. Entertaining and fun - well done :)

  10. Wow! It was like inhaling my favourite set of air molecules, but after passing lung follicles, they are rearranged particles. (Pictured below)

  11. Cute and touching, Mike. I really enjoyed it. Lots of quirky fun the way I like it.

  12. enjoying your vision more and more :)

  13. Great. I love the rhythm and the words.


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