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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Bakery (Precursor)

I always have too many ideas to simply write ONE post per theme!  But this one will be short and simple.

Now with our Grandson!
Oh so many years ago (Yipes, has it been over 30 years now?), when I was first dating my wife in Madison Wisconsin, I had to turn onto Drake St. off of Park.  I was not from the area but whenever I was driving Kiki back to her place we turned there between two corner businesses.  She was on the right side, so she looked out and saw her favorite place; Lane's Bakery, and said "Yumm!"  (We still make it a point to go there if ever in Madison, for a few of their fancy schmancy cookies and maybe a chocolate cake, coated of course, with butter cream frosting.)  I was on the left side (seeing as how Madison is in the USA) and I looked out and said, "Oh, that must be where you were born!" to my beautiful coed bride to be, as we passed the "Ideal Body Shop".

That's my 'bakery' story (so far) and I'm sticking to it!


  1. Haha, good bakery story. Very smooth there Mike, almost like butter cream frosting.

  2. Ahhh...a charmer! Love it! Nice little story and your wife and baby are beautiful!

  3. I love it, well done!!


  4. Ha! Nice going, you smooth talker, you! :O)

  5. What a cute story--thanks for sharing!! Jenn

  6. I see they have online orders. Hmmm?


  7. YUM!! sweet memory!! and still FRESH after 30 yrs love that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mike, I love these posts and love that you speak so beautifully about your wife and family. What a gift, thanks for sharig!


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