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Monday, August 8, 2011

Resisting Natural Instincts

We generally think of 'instincts' as a type of innate irresistible sense certain animals have.  Salmon somehow find the streams they were hatched in after wandering through many miles of ocean, for example.  But some actions seem to be ANTI -instinctive.  What kind of guy sticks his unshod foot into the writhing belly of a feisty cat?  And what kind of cat resists his natural impulse to shred said foot?

Well, that would be me, and mine!
If you look in the dictionary under Anti instinctive, perhaps you will see a little picture of Mike and Jackson, demonstrating the concept.


  1. How cute is Jackson? Very, very cute. This is a case of love overcoming instincts! C-:

  2. Our instinct may say 'no', our sheer devilment says 'Oh, go on!'

  3. LOL! Very cute! So many times animals can suprise us. Great post! :)

  4. Yep, that cat sure did seem wild. Brave thing you did there, tickling him without steel-toed boots on. ;O)

  5. Love it! Unusual cat indeed that when presented with a socked foot to the tummy that don't immediately proceed to attempt to bite and scratch it off!


  6. Cat lady checking in.... adorable cat with great anti-instincts :o)


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