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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Does God Love...........Paul Zindel?

Zindel was born in 1936 in Staten Island but into a rough home life. When his father ran off with another woman when Paul was two, his mother began a long series of hard jobs and bouts of depression. Her regular threats of suicide led Paul to say he lived in a “house of fear”, from which he longed to escape. He wrote his first play during an eighteen month hospital stay where he was fighting tuberculosis.

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Zindel studied chemistry, earned his Master's Degree and became a technical writer and teacher. After school, Paul wrote plays. In the 1960s, his semi-autobiographical work, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the Moon Marigolds was a big hit. He was encouraged to write young adult fiction, and succeeded with The Pigman in 1968. Pigman became a series and for 30years Paul Zindel has been writing young adult fiction and even children's books.

What QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in Paul Zindel?

PERSEVERENCE comes to mind. All of his childhood and teen aged years were filled with some sort of strife or other, but Paul proved himself to be an OVERCOMER, going through school to earn his Master's degree. He could have settled into a career as a chemistry teacher, but FOLLOWED an inner calling to write. It seems that his young adult works have been used to ENCOURAGE thousands of young men and women in their comon struggle with important life issues.

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