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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why Does God Love....................?

X-cuse me while I cop out for a moment, but there are no names starting with X in my resource!  Therefore, I get a break, and so do you.  Here is my chance, however, for me to wax as I want to, on the issue I mentioned way back on day "I".  If you look back you will see that I would be looking for a chance to elaborate on the one question that is more vital by far than "Why does God love me?"

After looking at the lives of 22 more or less random individuals from past and present, I have not found any one that God would not or could not love.  He made us.  We are the pinnacle of His creation (actually, you women are the very pinnacle of His work!), and He would hate to not love us!  So the real question that matters the most is this:  "Do I love God?"

Some people would say that since they do not believe in God, loving Him is not an issue.  True enough.  (One sincere mistake leads to another.)  Some say believing in God is enough, but then we are told that demons believe in God--and tremble (James 2:9).  More is required.  The really good news is that the "more" required is not a pile of good works, the living a perfect life of charity and smiles, or the absolute avoidance of every listed "thou shall not". 

Instead, the "more" is the once and for all surrender of spirit.  It is the admission of sinfulness, with a request and acceptance of forgiveness.  Acknowledging the need for help, and accepting the help.  If a person reaches this point in life, a relief and joy follow closely, then a growing understanding of God's nature, and a heightened desire to serve and obey Him.  His love for us is not earned by ours for Him; rather, it is the thankfulness for His free gift of salvation, given us only by grace, that creates in us a response of love.  .  "We love Him, because He first loved us!"  1 John 4:19

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