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Monday, April 25, 2011

Why Does God Love ….....Mu'ammar al-Qadhafi?

You may have seen his name spelled with a “K”, and so have I, but my online encyclopedia of biographies that I'm using has the “Q” version, and since it is the only “Q” name included I'm going for it! Furthermore, this guy probably presents the biggest challenge yet to my task of identifying the loveable factors which I have claimed exist in all of us.

Here goes:

Born in the desert of Libya along the Mediterranean Sea in 1942, Quadhafi was loved much by his poor herdsmen parents. For the only son, and the youngest child, his parents made great sacrifices to get him an education. When Mu'ammar was 10 years old, Nasser overthrew King Farouk of Egypt, and became a hero to the young Quadhafi. As a student, he began to organize protests against Israel, as well as the movement to overthrow King Idris of Libya, which only grew after he joined the army in 1963.

In 1969 Quadhafi managed to take over the government by force and began some major reforms: He nationalized foreign-owned banks and oil fields, banished American and British military bases, called for Libyans to stricter adherence to the Islamic faith, and continued to rail against Israel.

By 1973 Mu'ammar announced what he called the People's Revolution. If I may summarize, it seems like a shady imitation of democracy, but wrapped up in socialistic speech. Instead of “a nation of the people, by the people and for the people” he called for “government by the masses”. Instead of a legislative branch of government, he created “elected people's committees”. In the early 1980s there were many efforts to assassinate Quadhafi, as some of his countrymen began to suspect his motivations.

It seems that Quadhafi thought he had it all figured out. He decried western democracies as dishonest, worked endlessly to promote Arab unity, especially against Israel, and tried to persuade his own people that his economic ideas (including the idea that employees should be considered partners) were all based on the Koran. To implement his principles worldwide, Quadhafi seems to have believed that terrorism provided the best means. His country was linked to attacks all over Europe, Africa, and even included the Lockerbie bombing over Scotland in 1988 which killed 270 innocent travelers.

After Bush invaded Afghanistan and decimated the Taliban (temporarily), and then invaded Iraq, it seems that Quadhafi woke up to the danger he was in. He volunteered to dismantle and yield his chemical, biological and nuclear advances to the west, before they invaded his country. His preparations in building a nuclear bomb were much more advanced than anyone knew at the time.

What QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in Mu'ammar al-Quadhafi?

He is always EITHER HOT OR COLD. (God spits out the lukewarm! Revelation 3:15)
It seems that he LOVED HIS KIDS!

That's about it. If I were ever to write about what God finds corrupt in people, I hope it's for a Q to P Challenge, so I can start with Quadhafi. (And yes, if it's an M to L challenge, I'll start with Miller.)


  1. Nicely written. My wife is going through the "change" and having hot flushes. One minute she is freezing, the next covered in sweat. I wonder if God loves her too :)

  2. I should think God loves her at LEAST as much as you do Tony!

  3. Duh! Now I catch on to your hot and cold reference! So sorry I'm so slow!


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