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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Does God Love............Ben Stiller?

He was born in New York City in 1965 (No, that's not why God loves him.), to a set of famous comedy parents known as Stiller and Meara. (Jerry Stiller is more recently known for his role in Seinfeld as George's father, Frank Costanza, and as Carrie's equally quirky father on The King of Queens.) With his busy show business parents, Ben spent a lot of time with celebrities and on sets, and he loved it.

As a boy, he and his older sister wrote little plays and performed them for the family. By 10, Ben was making simple movies with a Super-8 camera, and appeared on his mother's TV show. After high school, and a short stab at acting school, Stiller worked his way into New York's world of theater, where he worked with John Mahoney (Martin Crane, in Frasier). As a side project, the two made a short film spoof of The Color of Money, which later got the attention of Lorne Michaels. Stiller was hired as a performer and actor on Saturday Night Live, but within the year, decided it was not for him. Seeking more independence, he found work at MTV, ultimately developing his own series. The Ben Stiller Show, comprised a cast of funny people parodying pop-culture. In doing his parody films, Ben studied how the original films were directed, and thus practiced his directing skills. In 1993 he won an Emmy for best writing.

His movie career, whether as writer, actor, director, or producer has been ongoing. Zoolander is one of his famously weird movies which demonstrate his comedic skill, and the Night At The Museum set have been very popular in more recent years.

What QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in Ben Stiller?

I think God was the first one to spoof anything. While dealing with the most serious of issues, Jesus used sarcasm to poke fun at the ever-religious Pharisees. Trying to dissuade us from worrying, he used irony in pointing out that “Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Even bantering (Too bad we can't actually see His smile in the Gospel story) with the Syrophoenician woman before He healed her daughter, Jesus helps us not be too grave.

Stiller's gift for SPOOFING the overly serious is indeed Godlike (granting that every human application of God's image in our lives is not always God honoring as it should be). Growing up Ben regularly PRACTICED his interest in film making and entertaining, as God not only says, but does. (Actually, with God, his saying is his doing: “God said 'Let there be light.', and there was light!”

Stiller demonstrated much COURAGE through his life. While many comedians would kill to be on SNL, Stiller decided it wasn't enough for his goals, and quit. His desire for INDEPENDENT control of his creative arts reflected a confidence that God made us all unique, and would have us FOLLOW Him individually.

Ben Stiller has always been a DILIGENT WORKER. Even the hilarity presented us did not come easy. In fact, he has said: "I don't think it's very easy to be funny. I'm just not a naturally cheery person."  Ultimately, it is probably his CREATIVITY at large, which most emulates God's image in Ben Stiller


  1. I love Ben Stiller, too. God wants us to laugh, and Stiller makes me laugh.


    P.S. Mike, all words are made up:-)

  2. Good point Lucy. Come to think of it, so are people!


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