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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Does God Love …........Indra Nooyi?

The fact that you have never heard of her, does not suggest that God hasn't. God even knows how many hairs are on her 55 year old head. Indra (not Indira) was born in India, and early on established her individuality. In a land where women generally lived in the background, Nooyi played cricket, and played guitar in a rock band while in college. With her MBA she landed her first job with Johnson and Johnson where she ran the “Stayfree” account; quite the challenge in India, where advertising for such personal items was impossible.

[To see what I'm up to here, read this introduction]

Despite great cultural taboos, Indra, as a young conservative Indian woman, moved to America in 1978 to further advance her education at Yale University's Graduate School of Management. While struggling to make ends meet, she was more or less forced to wear a sari to school, to her night job, and even to early job interviews, because she could not afford a business suit.

After finishing her degree in management, Nooyi's career advanced through stints with Boston Consulting Group, Motorola and Asea Brown Boveri Inc.,  holding senior executive offices where her specialty was company strategy. By 1994 Indra was being fought over by General Electric and PepsiCo. She took the job at Pepsi, and her deal making, planning and vision led her to be named chief financial officer and president by 2001.

What QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in Indra Nooyi?

People always suffer by rebelling from God's standard operating principle, but being INDEPENDENT of the mere cultural norms in one's society is a different matter all together. The ideas which differ from God's, should be ignored. It seems that Indra went as far as she could to EXERCISE her individuality, though not simply for the sake of rebelling, but as a RESPONSE to God's call on her life.

When Indira realized that her education was lacking, she did not take the giant step of leaving for America until her parents allowed her to go. Even in her 20's, Nooyi chose to RESPECT her parent's authority in her life.  As a poor college student at Yale, she ENDURED through the difficult years with HUMILITY.

Always THINKING, Indra followed God's example of GOOD PLANNING. Her plans for improving her own life as well as the profit margin wherever she worked exemplify Christ's admonition for us to INVEST our 'talents' wisely; to be good stewards of the gifts we must MANAGE. Positive results never just happen, but are the fruit of INTELLIGENT DESIGN.

My temporal anxiety may wax or wane according to how well my kids follow the (good) examples I may leave them, because I know they will be better off if they do. I believe that the more we show our trust in God by living our lives to be like Him, and practice implementing more and more of His instructions, the more pleased He is for us.


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