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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Does God Love ….........Daniel Libeskind?

Daniel Libeskind was born in Poland in 1946, after The Holocaust. His parents had escaped the Nazi scourge separately,but returned to Poland after the war as a couple hoping to start a new life together. The extermination camps were all closed, but surprisingly, a violent anti-Semitism was still strong.

Young Daniel was gifted musically, and at 6 years old, appeared on Polish TV playing the accordian. By the time he was 11, the family had moved to Israel and he was learning to play the piano. Within two years Daniel had won a scholarship in the United States, and the family moved there. As more opportunities arose, Libeskind realized that performing musically did not demand sufficient “abstract, intellectual thought”. He had discovered architecture, which in his mind, accommodated his interest in “people, space and music”.

While studying architecture in New York he watched the World Trade Center being built, and was enthralled. Libeskind was married during college, earned his Master's degree in England, and after feeling frustrated in his work for architectural firms, went into teaching. Still feeling stifled merely teaching what he had been taught, and longing to practice some independent, creative thinking, Daniel moved to Italy and started his own architecture school, where he was the sole professor! It was "an alternative to traditional school or to the traditional way to work in an office.... The school was between two worlds, neither the world of practice nor of academia."

Finally, after 20 years of teaching architecture, Libeskind was commissioned to design his first building; the Jewish Museum Berlin. Designed primarily to tell the history of the Jews in Berlin, the museum emphasized the importance of remembering The Holocaust. It was a striking building, full of innovative, creative and symbolic design; and one which gained a lot of attention. Soon he was designing other museums and buildings all over the world.

As Libeskind's notoriety grew, especially in regards to memorializing important matters, he was asked to enter a design for the World Trade Center memorial, and because of his special ideas, was named the Master Site-Planner at Ground Zero.

What QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in Daniel Libeskind?

We know that “God is Love”, because that's what 1 John 4 tells us. But one of His middle names must be MUSIC don't you think? It seems the MUSICAL skill that Daniel Libeskind exhibited so early was part of God's likeness shining forth. And even as this aspect faded into the background, and his zeal for MATHEMATICS, ART and DESIGN came to the fore, more of God's nature was manifest.

As we are called by God to represent our own unique role in the Body of Christ, fulfilling some duty or purpose that no one else can, so Daniel was always ready to FOLLOW God's calling to come away. Always WATCHING, always THINKING, and always READY, Daniel's ideas have helped thousands of people to REMEMBER important events of history, something God has repeatedly told us to do.


  1. Nice article and nice bumping into you.

  2. There's a lot we can learn from Daniel. He didn't deny his unrest, his desire to do something other than what he was doing right then.

    So often we get bogged down in the shoulds of our lives and dismiss following "callings" because we see it as impractical. Really, if we go to where our hearts lead us, God meets us there and says, "This is what I had planned for you, and it is better than what you had planned for yourself."

    Another great post.


  3. Thank you for introducing us to Daniel. A most interesting individual used by God.


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