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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Why Does God Love.........Frankie Muniz?

Who?  If I said “Malcolm” (you know, in the middle), would that help? Ahh, now we're on the same page. Frankie Muniz was born in New Jersey in 1985, and decided when he was eight years old after seeing his big sister in a play, that he would be an actor. Very soon thereafter, he played Tiny Tim in a local theater production of The Christmas Carol, and began to find work in television commercials and in a few movies by the time he was eleven.

Around this time his parents were divorced and Muniz began to be home-schooled; which allowed him to take advantage of more acting jobs and still get a good education. After a few more movie roles,Muniz tried out for the lead role in “Malcolm in the Middle”, and was chosen for the part almost automatically. It would seem that his portrayal of the down to earth, real kid brainiac, Malcolm Wilkerson could not have been done better by anyone else. The entire cast of the award winning, seven year running show was incredible, but Frankie's interpretation of Malcolm impressed critics and the television audience right from the start.

Always eager for hard work, Frankie committed to making movies during the off season of his TV series. A couple of his early films did not fare so well, but his two “Agent Cody Banks” movies, where Muniz played a girl-shy teen-aged CIA agent, were big hits.

Muniz plays the drums, has written a screenplay, and just before “Malcolm” ended it's run when Frankie was about 20, he became a race car driver!

What QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in Frankie Muniz?

WORK. Work is one of the gifts God offers us, and knows that we will find satisfying to the soul. Adam was expected to “work the garden” before he sinned, and it only became “hard” work because of the curse. Frankie loved to work, and suffered miserably from boredom when once he was forced to take three days off!

Not satisfied just with being the lead actor in a top hit show, Muniz DIVERSIFIED. As God implemented a world full of impressive variety, Frankie practiced, and found delight in, some of God's best ideas: RHYTHM, CREATIVITY, and SPEED!

"I don't consider myself a good actor at all. I just do what I want to do, and I'm just having fun doing it." --Frankie Muniz

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