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Thursday, April 14, 2011

So Why DOES God Love................... Scarlett Johansson Really?

I think I've dispensed with the beauty issue.  If it is only skin deep, and God looks at the heart, then what is it behind the skin that God might find lovable in Johansson?

"Making movies is all I ever wanted," Johansson admitted to People Magazine. "I don't plan on retiring until I die."

When she was 10 years old Scarlett landed a role in her first film; North.  Scarlett was always "a ham" she says, and even though she did not enjoy the process, when her mother started taking her to audition for commercials, she knew she wanted to be an actress.  In 1996, when she was 12 years old, Johansson received her first critical acclaim for her role in the movie Manny...Lo.  When 14, she played a major role in The Horse Whisperer which was directed by Robert Redford.  Critics generally panned the film, but gave credit to Johansson for saving it "from the glue factory".

But instead of taking advantage of her new fame to take roles in cheap slasher movies, or sophomoric teen films, Scarlett took control of her career.  She focused on finishing high school well, and waited for good scripts to come along.  In 2000 she was praised overwhelmingly for her "subtle, masterful performance" in the comedy Ghost World.  Over the next several years Johansson starred in many roles, each time performing at least as well as the movie itself, generally better.

Scarlett is known, even as a young modern actress, for her sophistication and confidence not readily seen today. With wide ranging talent and interests, Johansson  was hired by Calvin Klein to represent a new perfume, she is known for her quality singing and has made several recordings, and she has lent her support in several political campaigns.

What QUALITIES OF GOD have been evident in...........Scarlett Johansson?

As God desires new Christians to grow in their faith (move on from milk to meat), Scarlett Johansson demonstrated a MATURITY well beyond her years, at each step of her career.  Her innate TALENT as an actress is part of who God created her to be.  Her DETERMINATION to succeed in the business, and her PATIENCE in waiting for the right roles to come along, reflect just part of what God  sees, and loves, in her heart.

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  1. Maturity, Talent, Determination, Patience: Four things I keep teaching my children daily. In terms of talent, I tell them to figure out what their passion is and to continuously seek opportunities to develop it.

    Of course, it takes maturity in order to identify one's passion and patience and determine to see the payoff in following it.

    Another great blog. And I like your limerick, too.



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