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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why Does God Love.............Hamid Karzai?

Born in 1957, Hamid Karzai grew up as an important member of the Pashtun tribe in southern Afghanistan. An eager student, he studied political science in Kabul, and continued in Pakistan after the Soviets began their 10 year attempt to occupy Afghanistan in 1979. Karzai also studied journalism in Paris, collected several advanced degrees, and became fluent in 7 languages by the time he was 28 years old.

Back in Pakistan, he worked with the Afghan National Liberation Front as director, in order to free Afghanistan from the Soviets. When that day finally came in 1989, Karzai worked in the new Rabbani government, but resigned as its rampant corruption and ineptitude became clear. Thinking that the Taliban were “good honest people” with conservative leanings, Karzai joined their efforts to establish religious rule in Afghanistan. Soon, he had to admit that their agenda, when they gained power of the country in 1996, was far more radical and dangerous than he had suspected. When Karzai began to publicly oppose the Taliban, his father was assassinated.

By 1999 Hamid was trying to warn the US about the brutal nature of the Taliban. When its terrorist training camps in Afghanistan were directly connected with the 9/11 attacks in New York, Karzai helped the US invasion effort in country.

The Taliban were soon defeated, and Karzai was selected to lead the country. First in an interim office, and later by the first national election. As President, Karzai fought corruption, provided more citizens with basic necessities, and even opened the government to include women in cabinet positions for the first time. Actions like these were not easy. The Taliban rebounded in strength and was able to assassinate Karzai's Vice President in 2002, and has made life for any government official a very risky venture.

What QUALITIES OF GOD have been evident in............Hamid Karzai?

The PURSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE was a hallmark of Karzai's early life. As God is the creator of all things true, a PASSION FOR UNDERSTANDING ultimately reflects an interest in God Himself. Furthermore, the study of political science acknowledges that human nature, human systems, and even human government have OBJECTIVE TRUTH at their core. Only certain frameworks of organization are proven to work well in blessing a society.

Karzai CONTRIBUTED his efforts wholeheartedly to whatever group he thought would help Afghanistan. He “took up his cross”, as it were, and GAVE OF HIMSELF freely, displaying great COURAGE in the face of brutal enemies.

"It is our humanity that ultimately brings us together, while the pursuit of narrow interests divides us all." Hamid Karzai


  1. Its easy to love if we know that God first loved us. He took the initiative. That first step. Met us half way. We merely need to respond and accept, and then we can love other people.

  2. I always wonder if I would have this kind of courage in a situation that demanded it of me.

    I think we could also say God loves him because he is LOYAL.

    Another terrific post. I'm impressed every time I visit.



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