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Friday, April 1, 2011

Why does God love.........Avi Arad?

In general, why does God love any of us? What makes His Spirit smile, when He considers one of us?As the Psalmist asked in 8:4 “what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? “ Should he not think of us as we think of the ants or spiders underfoot? No. He made us in His image, so God looks at us as we look at our children. With hope and desire and support and every good wish for our well-being. As we imperfect parents do, He cringes with pain when His children doubt His good will and neglect, or disdain, His perfect instructions. But God delights to see His children choose the joyous path of following in His footsteps. If we forsake rebellion, and rather emulate Him, and acknowledge that His ways are the best ways, God's amazing love can be received and can do its good work in our hearts.

Avi Arad (what name could better suit opening day of the A to Z Challenge?) was born in Poland in 1948, but moved immediately to Israel (with his parents, no doubt). While enduring a hard life in those years Avi discovered an escape in comic books. He later served in the Israeli Defense Force and was wounded in 1967.

After immigrating to the US and graduating from college, Arad became a toy designer, and made his mark with X-men action figures. Ultimately Avi Arad was responsible for saving Marvel Enterprises after its bankruptcy, by producing the high quality super hero movies we've seen in the last decade.

So what QUALITIES OF GOD are seen in the life of this gifted man?

Avi Arad demonstrated in his life, the CREATIVE FORCE that God shows in all that He is. He is deeply concerned about every one of his characters and KNOWS their stories, inside and out. Arad demonstrated a LOVE for his super heroes, that carried them far into the hearts of millions. Even while his heroes exhibit personal weaknesses and sometimes fail, Arad shows us how such a love can COVER a multitude of sin.


  1. As a kind of mystery/puzzle/game, I ask myself this question: "What does God love about ________?" Not, "How can God stand ______?", or "What can God POSSIBLY see in ________?" and certainly not, "DOES God even actually love _________?"

    LOL! Seriously...(still chuckling...)

    Great idea for the A to Z Challenge, and I love your choice for A. I'm a HUGE fan of the Marvel superhero origin story films - can't get enough of them. Although my husband and I have a soft spot for the darker DC Universe.

    A Piece of My Mind

  2. What a beautiful "A" post. Thank YOU for the thoughtful inspirational words. :)

  3. I am enjoying the widely varied interpretations of "A" in this month's blogging challenge. Varied and beautiful. This is an excellent post; thank you.

    Holly Jahangiri

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