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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What Does God Love About.........Kristen Bell?

For the A to Z Challenge
 (I hope you didn't expect me to find a famous person whose initials are B.B.!)

As the star of Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell suddenly became a well known star in Hollywood when she was 24 years old. But she had been entertaining folks at home and on the stage already for years. Some people are destined to be the entertainers for the rest of us. Bell was singing, tap-dancing, and acting while very young. In her first part in community theater she played both a banana and a tree!

Just before heading to the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, she says she “started her adulthood” after her best friend died in a car accident. Bell says that this event changed her life, giving her a new perspective on her life.

Even while still in college in New York, Kristen Bell starred in several Broadway plays, and shortly after moving to Los Angeles, she landed jobs on TV shows and movies. Her first big break came when she took the title role in Gracie's Choice. After working in a couple of big screen productions, Bell was chosen over 70 other actresses for the lead role in Veronica Mars.

The series ran four years and, like any weekly TV show, demanded many hard working hours every day. Kristen did not complain, but expressed her appreciation for the chance to work with a wonderful cast and crew, especially Enrico Colantoni, who not only played her father on the show, but filled the role in her real life.

So what QUALITIES OF GOD are evident in the life of Kristen Bell?

She PRACTICED. God gives us talents and expects us to exercise them. When we use a skill, like a muscle, it grows and develops into something bigger and better; something that may one day be used for His glory or purpose. PRACTICING, is a statement of appreciation, faith and hope. RESPONDING SERIOUSLY to the life-and-death nature of our existence, as Bell did when her friend was killed, is another characteristic that God loves to see in His children. Yes, our lives can be filled with joy and delight, but always under the umbrella of reality. TRYING out enumerable times for various roles, Kristen Bell demonstrated a level of stewardship that is pleasing to God. We are not to sit life out, merely waiting for the time we might go into God's presence, and bringing nothing. Her GRATITUDE for opportunities, supportive companions and caring friends was made evident in Bell's life, and I believe that God honors the grateful more than those who look for reason to complain.


  1. hi Mike:)

    well...the first two folks you wrote about didn't know they were. but it's interesting...

  2. Ooh, I like this. Not only did I learn something new, but I'm inspired. Really nice. Thank you.



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