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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why am I home blogging you say? When I should be out building yachts? (you say?)
Yes, I should be putting in the last full week working on 'Oneness', last 150' yacht PJs will put out this year, but I gave myself a severe calf strain on Sunday.
And yes, it was a 'sportsinjury'! I was talking to a friend at the Sunday School picnic when a frisbee was thrown to him, but went more towards me. Adam yelled, 'It's you Mike!' and I took off after it. If by 'took off' one can mean 'I took the first step'. But with that step came the pop and the pain. I thought maybe another frisbee hit me in the back of that leg! And since then, I have been out of action.
It has been nice hanging out at home this week, but there will be no check this week, and no job next week. We'll see.

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