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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Sharing

Hobbling about today worse than ever. Guess I'll see the Doc on Monday and find out just how bad off I am.
While Victoria was at work today, and Josh went to his end of the year chess banquet in the park, Kiki and I sat around and we ended up having a good visit with Noah. He is so searching for answers about life, and ever more willing to listen to our views.
We talked a lot about economic issues and politics, but also got into the Gospel message, some prophecy topics and God's overall 'scheme' to use the Jews in history to reach the world for Himself.
Noah had to leave for a while (friends do call you know), but came back later and we talked a bunch again. I was greatly encouraged by his open attitude. I feel honored, I guess it is, that he would consider what I have to say.
I am honored indeed to have a good relationship with all 3 kids, even as they are really no longer kids, but young adults. Victoria is 251/2, Noah 221/2 and Josh just turned 19.

Lord, thank you for the blessing that each one is to me. I ask you to hold on tightly to each one, always drawing him or her closer and closer to Yourself; please meet their deepest need, that being YOU. In Jesus name.

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