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Friday, June 12, 2009

There. I got off easy.

Silver bowl with modernist base designImage via Wikipedia

That wasn't so bad.
Now on to last night.
We watched the newest Will Smith movie, Seven Pounds.

I don't want to give it away so I'll just talk about the 'silver bowl'.

In the movie it was nothing as ornate as this, for it does not need to be. It's not the bowl, but what is carried, and delivered, inside the bowl that is so very valuable.
It is the Gospel. So treasured by we who have it in hand, and purchased at such a great price, that as we go about sharing it and multiplying its work, we must step with supreme care lest we trip and fall. From its source, the very heart of God, then along our own paths and brought to those in desperate need we must take the utmost care. Each footfall is critical. The proper handling is imperative. New Life itself is at stake, so the propriety of each step is vital.

No, the movie is not a Christian film. There is no gospel message given. But being me, I see the Gospel (the truth) where it underlies every other good thing and its light is revealing every bad thing. If you see the film for its wonderful/sad story line, the suspense and the tricky revelations, keep an eye out for the silver bowl!

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