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Friday, June 19, 2009

Where have you been?

It's already the nineteenth. I haven't written anything since last Friday, but only because you weren't coming by at all.
Not that anything has happened.
Last weekend Kiki made it to church for the first time in many months. That was good! People swarmed her. Josh received his graduation Bible. Then, that evening, I took Kiki to the ER. She was dehydrated again, and was found to have a UTInfection (hadn't pee'd for many hours), but did not need to be admitted.
On Tuesday night, after Josh umpired a couple of church league softball games (Yay Josh!), we drove him to Fon du Lac to meet Noah, and Noah took JD home for the week. It has been quiet around here without him around (no sports on TV either).

Victoria got her car loan approved on Wed. I bought her 90 Caravan on Thursday (yay). I also worked some this week. The leg is much better!
Until Thursday night anyway, whenl I hurred a few steps and re-pulled the muscle a bit. I do need to be so careful (from now on??).

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