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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Fifth Conviction

Everyone seems to talk about convictions.

The DA is always looking for more convictions (prosecutorial success).

The drill sergeant is looking for men to promote who will live up to their convictions (bravery).

The pastor wants the Church's members to live according to their convictions (beliefs).

The best politicians are those involved simply because of their convictions (ideals).

But only the Holy Spirit can bring CONVICTION!  His is an all convincing forcefulness.  His facts are undeniable; His approach is potent; and his message is always relevant and valid.  There is no room for discussion or debate with the conviction of God.  Without submission and acceptance, there is only shirking and shunning.  Only dodging and disputing as a child might who has no more hope of outwitting his parents:  "Oh YEAH?" we say, but that's all we have.

Jesus said, in Mathew 12:31

And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

My understanding here is that blasphemy against the Spirit means denying His work.  The work of the Holy Spirit is to bring the comfort of conviction (as it does it's good work of promoting repentance and thus salvation) to the sinner's heart.  The only sin that can not be forgiven then, is the sin of refusing to ask to be forgiven.

Perhaps as an unbeliever you face your Christian contacts with all the punch and certitude in the world.  Utterly persuaded in your own convictions, you laugh and stomp on the stage of attack.  But as you lie in bed, or walk alone in the dark and quiet, that still small voice of God's conviction is winning the argument.  He wants you.  He is calling you.  He is right, and in His rightness He is calling you to come and be loved.  Allow the conviction to breach your resistance, and be forgiven.

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  1. Wonderful post on conviction!! Thanks for sharing :) Cheers, Jenn

  2. I believe strongly in God but do not follow Jesus. People follow many religions, and I find it offensive for one to suggest that my beliefs are lesser than yours. Being a good person is what matters. Good people respect everyone's rights to worship as they see fit.

    1. Thanks Joyce. I appreciate your comment. The trouble inherent here, however, is that finding my supposed suggestion that my beliefs are better, simply suggests that your beliefs are better. If our beliefs are different, let's just let that stand and then maybe discuss or debate or argue the various merits of our beliefs. I am certain that you would claim your beliefs have merit right? Well, why or why not? If not, you would not believe them.

      Furthermore, you suggest an absolute standard in your last line: "Good people respect everyone's rights to worship as they see fit." Where does this absolute rule come from, and "how dare you impose it" (some might say)on the rest of us? See my point? You may have made something worse than "the song that never ends...."! A never ending cycle of "Anything you can say, I can be offended by. I can offend you so much better than that!"

      Actually I do respect everyone's right to worship as they see fit. And to argue for their beliefs; and to proselytize their claims to others; and to tell me of the merits of their faith so I might come nearer to the truth. I am convinced that there is absolute truth, even as you are (believing in God, declaring "what matters", and defining "good people").

      I know that part of my "worshiping as I see fit" involves my sharing the merits of my faith so others can fully enjoy what I enjoy, and so my God is publicly honored (worshiped). In fact, before I saw your comment here, I just wrote my "D" post for tomorrow. It very clearly shows that my writings here are directly related to my "worshiping as I see fit" in trying to live out what I find directed in Scripture.

      When we get to "G" I think I will write about what I think it means to be "Good".

      Yipes! I should have saved all this for another day's post! But you deserve a complete response here. Thanks again.


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