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Monday, April 8, 2013

Good God

Somebody said recently that "being good is all that matters".  As a Christian believer I had to say "I don't think so".  But actually, it is true.

God does call us to be good.  In fact, the very word good is so closely related to our name for Him (God) that we might say we are called to be good like (Godlike?) Him.  And we are.  In Mathew 5:48 we see that Jesus said "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

The bad news is that we simply can not do it.  We can never be good like God (perfect) because we have already blown it.  Our first parents messed up good, and we are their children; fully inheriting every flaw.  Only in receiving Christ's full substitutionary blessing, even His perfecting work (not yet completed in this present life) can we hope to be good.  

We try to be good to please God, perhaps, and even earn a shot at salvation.  But we fail.  Once He MAKES us "good, as in covered in the righteousness of Jesus through the free gift of his grace, we try even harder, but only to show our appreciation.

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