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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Art of Science

Back on April 12th ("K" day) I wrote about the value of knowledge.  Whereas a Facebook friend had claimed that Christians are told that knowledge is evil, I believe I demonstrated that God's intention was to protect the first two people specifically from the knowledge of evil.  Knowledge is just one of the basic building blocks of a life well lived.  As atoms are to matter, knowledge is to science.

Science is nothing more than knowledge codified.  Science is the art of observing and verifying a set of facts, then working to discover their relationship in the real world.  A good theory is then formulated to try to make sense what is known.  Besides explaining how proven facts (only those which are testable and repeatable) relate to each other, such a working hypothesis should also make predictions.

Classically, scientific theories have been evaluated by the quality and essence of the predictions that might follow.  One good set of understood facts should forecast another.  If such predictions are rare or vague or proven incorrect, the original theory must be either modified or discarded.

Of what true value is a theory that relies on improvable assumptions, has untestable conclusions, and makes incorrect predictions?  Such a theory is only maintained and supported for other than scientific reasons.  I submit that the theory of evolution was envisioned and propagated mainly by those interested in finding any explanation for our origins, other than an "ex nihilo" creation by the God of the Bible.  True scientists, willing to follow a solid trail of certainty instead of an ever changing flow of assumptions, do not end with a theory that is really only a collection of beliefs; a religion, as it were.

So many of the world's most famous scientists, those who researched and studied and discovered marvelous and highly applicable truths, believed in God.  In fact, in many cases, these men and women started with the conviction that all was created by a God of design and order.  This premise meant that they might find and follow a rational train of thought either forwards or backwards to unveil new insights into either primary causes or potential effects.

From Copernicus to Newton to Einstein, the belief in a creator God helped, and did not hinder the exciting, careful and deliberate discovery of the deeper mysteries.     

In this proverb (25:2) God equates ancient kings to present day scientists.  Not in the sense that we should allow our scientists to be our lordly tyrants, but because unveiling God's deep mysteries is a majestic privilege.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter;
to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

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