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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Disciples Made Here Every Day

If that sign could be hung over my door, my life would be complete, and all goals satisfied.  After all, what was the last commandment Jesus gave to the disciples He had made?

Interestingly, He did not say to go and get people to say the sinner's prayer.  Nor to walk down an aisle.  Jesus did not even say to go and get people saved.  Of course, being saved  is vitally important simply because the opposite, by definition, is so dreadful.  Consider any of the disasters that often do befall mankind and see that the first response of good people everywhere is to jump in and SAVE those in need.  Jesus did very clearly say that without help we are all lost.  It was Jesus who "jumped in" to save us, and He who came up with the catchy imagery we still use today:  He said that a person "must be born again".

But I have a little twist on the general mandate understood by most Christians, regarding evangelism.  In my view, each person's final destiny is already determined.  No, not by a capricious God who selects certain people by some weird favor and rejects others because of some invisible wart.  But by the person!  If all else were equal, and every quivelling argument were settled; if every bit of spiritual ignorance was eliminated; if each personal psychological hang up was mollified; I would then ask each man and woman: Under these undefiled circumstances, what WOULD you do with Jesus?  It is the spirit inside that either WOULD accept the loving acts of Christ, or else reject the amazing gift of Christ's love and grace.  Each pure spirit makes its own decision clear to God in many innumerable ways.  There are no unknowns in His mind, and He has not left the eternal fate of any soul in the hands of one as shabby as me.

But what I can do, and what Jesus commanded even me to do, is to "go and make disciples of all nations"!  I do not know which people will or will not repent, so I must try to share the Good News (The Gospel) with anyone I meet in order to encourage them to make their decision for Christ as soon as possible and become His disciple.  God would rather that His children repent early and begin to serve and enjoy living an abundant life, rather than wasting years in ruin and wreaking havoc, before finally following.  Once a person willingly becomes a disciple (a student, or follower) His growth and walk with God are his own responsibility and continually depend on day to day choices.

If you do not/can not/ will not listen and learn of the one path God has laid out for your eternal hope (and don't tell me that you would have refused the one shaft drilled down to the forsaken Chilean miners because there was only ONE shaft offered?), then my heart breaks for you, even as it leads me to somebody else who might still discover the joy I have found in the resurrected Christ living in me.  Others will admit their sin, repent of its entrapment, receive forgiveness, and become one of His glad, ever-learning disciples.

Follow Him today.  Do become a disciple of Jesus Christ.

(Verse quoted in red is from Mathew 28:19)

If not today, what might be the arguments, points of ignorance or hang-ups that hold you back?

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