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Thursday, April 18, 2013


A few things about Bible prophecy.

A prophet is not necessarily a "future predictor."  Not a fortune teller, but in the Biblical record a prophet of God was simply one who spoke for God.  He said whatever God wanted him to say.  Sometimes it had to do with future events, but not always.

Once in a while someone came along who wanted to be God's prophet but was not called by God to be so. If he ever stood up and said "Thus saith the Lord," he was subject to the strictest standard in the community: if he claimed that God did make a prediction, but it proved false, the "false prophet" would be stoned to death.  His extreme presumption was punishable by death.  God is serious.

And yet dozens of men and women stood up as prophets.  Hundreds of prophecies were made "in the name of the Lord" and all were either fulfilled in their particulars or...will yet be.  Many prophecies are related to future, end time, events.

With God, of course, every bit of it is concerned with the Good News!  Yes, His wrath will (soon) pour out on the ungodly; those who are absolutely resolved to resist Him and His love.  But by His grace, He offers hope and peace and joy and forgiveness of sin etc. etc. to every one who simply repents and turns to Him through Jesus Christ!

Come back to God.  Be reconciled to God by believing in, and receiving Jesus as your Savior.  
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