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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Neonatal Nincompoops

Being forced to use "N" words for this A to Z blog challenge today makes for an interesting title.  This one tries to represent original sin again, but in the lightest, low fat, low calorie sense.  I would rather be called a "nincompoop" than a reprobate anytime!  And I would rather wait until I was at least a teenager before my rebellion was called out, but it starts much earlier than in those honest years.  I know some people have recognized the sinful base of even their Grandchildren, and while I have not (my four are so very special!), the Christian's doctrine informs us that the wee ones are indeed just as prone to sinning as they are prone to being cute and adorable (though mine especially, lean toward the C and A part!).

But putting all my truth-denying humor aside, and even if we just laugh at their tiny displays of pride and self-centeredness, it must be admitted that we never do have to teach our kids how to lie or cheat or take things that don't belong to them.  Nor do we instruct them in feeling guilty and ashamed when they sin.  Their very young and God-given consciences provide that essential service for them naturally.  Yes, poor parenting might instill a form of destructive scruples in a child, where they learn to feel guilty for all kinds of good and normal behaviors, but that is just the sin of the mother or father bearing its sad fruit down the line.

I tried to minimize the impact of calling even my own (or, my wife's) Grandchildren sinful little wretches, by using the very euphemistic "nincompoop" instead.  But alas, the truth is that each of these little darlings will soon show that they need a savior as much as anyone else.  Just as we inherited some form of our first parent's death-doomed bodies, and live with them these many weakened generations down the line, we also take our part of the iniquities (the wayward bent) they made us heirs to, and the suffering creation that they have wrought.

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