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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meet Me in Heaven!

Everyone wants to "go to heaven".  If heaven means experiencing even 10% of all we can ever dream of, then why not?  If your favorite long lost pets will all be there, and every beloved Grandmother and Grandfather is waiting to greet you; and if all there is fair and benevolent, and if each of the religions of the world represent just one more way to get there, and if everybody you know or ever heard of will be let in just because God MUST be so nice..... then forget about it!  That sounds too much like the here and now for me!

Ever since sin was introduced into the human drama, we have all gone astray.  Forsaking the only prohibition God gave us, at first, we now ignore everything He says.  But one by one,  the Holy Spirit works to reach each human spirit. God has tried to draw us back to His side; back to the place where each individual might walk with Him in good fellowship.  He made this possible through the redeeming work of Christ, but it is up to each individual--to you--to accept His one condition (repentance) before a future eternity of friendship with God, in heaven, is possible.

Members of all religions, or of no religion, are invited and welcome to come.  Christians are not those who were born to "christian" parents, as if it were something to be inherited or rubbed off, but Christians are only those who have indeed come out so far.

God is all about change.  Since we are sinners, we need to change, but since we are sinners, we can NOT change.  Only with God's help can we even recognize the need to change, and then with His help again, can we surrender and let Him do the necessary work.  He will make us fit for life in heaven so that we don't show up there (as if any one could  barge into God's home!) as we are, and ruin the place!

If you do not accept God as your Creator, nor believe or even like all that He has revealed about Himself to you; and if you can not accept the most precious gift He has to offer, which is an invite to His home, then please stop talking as if you want to go there.  Frankly declare that you would rather not abide by His company, and that you will just stay outside of heaven (a place called Hell).

On the other hand, you might simply admit that you do need a savior, be saved, spend the rest of your life as His disciple, and then someday go and live with God in heaven,  Of course, you might have to get used to His particularly rigorous attentions:

He will wash you perfectly clean,
He will dress you perfectly well,
He will carry you there in His everlasting arms,
He will wipe every tear from your eyes, and
He will do so much more than you can ask or imagine!

We will probably never meet, in this life.  But I have accepted God's invitation to join Him in heaven, by receiving His simple conditions, and I hope you do the same so that we can meet there!

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