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Friday, December 2, 2011

Fifth on my Bucket List: The PAIL

What is a BUCKET LIST?
Well, it means one thing to everyone in the world, and maybe something else to me. I think it means a list of buckets. So with the help of, I came up with a literal bucket list and now I am trying to wax philosophical about each type of container, somehow relating it to our human condition. This is the list of containers I will be trying to empathize with this week: brazier, can, cask, hod, pail, vat, and vessel. So far I have delved into the brazier, the canthe cask, and the hod.   Today's reading about THE PAIL might make more sense if you click on those and read them first.

A pail is a bucket.  (What could be more obvious?)  A pail is used just the same as a bucket, except that it pales in comparison.  (Here is where you might groan dramatically, if you haven't already.)

The every day demands of life require that we do some mundane, basic activities just to survive, but we commit ourselves way beyond the essentials.  We try to spruce up our simple need for sustenance with special recipes, or 'gourmet' meals, or by eating 'out'; and we spend undo effort decorating our bodies in the latest fashions (well, maybe you do), when all we really need is protection from the elements and from undo attention.  Shelter must simply keep the rain off our heads and contain enough heat to maintain a certain temperature, but we dwell on square footage and cabinet space, wall texture and lawn care.  

In the end, we humans are all alike.  We should be able to carry everything we need in a pail, but if our riches let it overflow we would rather rent a storage locker than share with those whose pail is leaking.  

Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses.                                Proverbs 28:27



  1. I live in a town of rented lockers. When I share with others who have leaking pails, it is explained away that I am from West Virginia---LOL! I need to be explained! Hahahahaha!

    I love, love, love your take on this topic. Top in Show!!!

  2. No. They need to be explained. Thanks for reading.

  3. I tend to give--my stuff, my money, my time, and my support. It seems the simplest right.

  4. The over-flowing pail that is my home has been being purged lately in a rather take no prisoners fashion. The Salvation Army, the Saint Paul's depository and one family in need of a new sofa have been the recipients of my over-ownership. I think it's an age thing, don't want my poor overworked kiddlings (who are full grown adults with their own over-flowing pails) to have to go through mountains of crapinola that no one would ever want!
    I want my pail to be minimalized and manageable. Almost there!
    So...there is one more? Or two more? Keep 'em coming!

  5. Another awesome post. And that reminds me ... time to clean out the closets and send another load off to whoever needs some stuff.

  6. That is well put Beth; "the simplest right". Like there are many right things to do, and this one of caring and sharing, is rather obvious.

    Yes Jo, I know what you mean. I used to think my kids would pore over my junk one day and muse tearfully over the time Dad "took this very twisty off the loaf of bread". Actually, they are more likely to complain "Why did Dad clutter his safe with all these gold bars?" NOT!
    Lately I've been taking advantage of my son-in-law's decision: "You married her, now you get all this old junk from under her old bed!" I say with each shipment.

  7. Thanks Suzy! Send your stuff to my son-in-law!

  8. Good points!
    Might say you've taken it BEYOND the PAIL ... but in a good way. ;-)


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