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Friday, December 16, 2011

My WRITERCIZE Guest Post Goes Live Today

Either that, or it will be dead in the water.  We shall see.  

Perhaps because today is my birthday, Alana G gave in and let me, the only non-woman to fill the slot in her list of guest hosts, take a crack at producing a challenge for her followers at the famous WRITERCIZE blog.  Don't worry men:  I certainly did make sure I talked about trucks and mud and stuff.  And don't fret women:  There's a great love story thrown in just for you guys, I mean gals.  (Do I know how to get in trouble quick or what?)

So anytime after 9 AM Pacific on December 16th 2011, right after you fill out and send me a birthday card ("Awww, you shouldn't have mailed cash like that," I'll say.  "A money order would have been fine!"), go over to WRITERCIZE and see if my challenge makes any sense to you.

Thanks Alana!  I truly appreciate the encouragement I received, just from your allowing me the chance.

This video of a Lake Michigan shoreline might make more sense after reading my exercise.  Maybe.

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