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Thursday, December 8, 2011

7 Things

I just received the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF award.  It says something about a great blog or something, which is really nice to hear, of course.  And I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself before I pass it along to a bunch of other bloggers.

Well just last month I wrote this list of tidbits about my life for all to see, but of course there are many more so here goes:

1.  I like to sing.  I remember that while vacuuming for Mom as a kid, I was always trying to match the pitch of the machine with my voice as I worked.  One time in fourth grade I was eager to give it all I had in choir, but shy; so as we were all singing "Ave Maria" I covered my ears and belted it out.  You can guess what happened then.  Everyone else stopped singing and there I was, shy boy in the front row, doing my first full- throttle solo!  Now I sing the lead in our church's worship team band, and love it!

2.  I have a CDL.  Some years ago I thought I might change careers and so I learned to drive semis.  One company owner let me practice driving his rigs in and out of tight parking spots in his yard of stored trailers.  That was a blast!  In the end, I went back to my tool belt, but I spent some time driving smaller, non-semi, trucks around the Midwest and very much enjoyed that as well.

3.  I was a tour guide.  In Alaska I was a bus driver/tour guide for two summers.  I gave tours to folks visiting Ketchikan on cruise ships.  One of the best parts was telling visitors from Texas that I heard Alaska was going to be divided in half.....which would turn Texas into the THIRD largest state!

4.  My wife was Mrs. Miller a week before we wed.  We both had new jobs as teacher aides at a Christian school but did not get married until a week after school started.  Kiki worked with kindergartners and the higher ups thought it would be less confusing for the 5 years olds if their teacher's name did not suddenly change, just as they were getting used to calling her Miss Thomsen.  I still call her my Lilly (Song of Solomon 2:2).

5.  I am a creationist.  And not just by confidence in the Word of God.  While I studied and earned my BS in Geology, I was constantly waiting for my Profs to reveal the proofs for evolutionary theory.  I was embarrassed for them when I discovered that all they had was a long list of assumptions, speculations, and circumstantial indications, but no proof.  Since then I have kept up on the compiled evidence for a special creation and a world wide flood that literally destroyed what was an even more (unimaginably) beautiful  world.  I have found that all of the scientific theories of origins are full of scientific holes.

6.  Three young adults I know, are my greatest credit!  Victoria, Noah and Joshua (I used to sing about my "three little 'uhs'") are my pride and joy.  I have never stopped marveling at their unique gifts, personalities and character.  Yes, they are all characters!  Maybe it's because they were all born in Alaska.

7.  I have three beautiful Grandchildren.  One (the natural born Lily) came with my daughter's husband.  What a bonus!  One was born this year; Daniel.  And another Granddaughter, yet unnamed, will be born in March, and yes I do already know that she is beautiful!  I can't wait for the years to unfold and the family to grow ever more blessed.

I would like to pass this award along to all those on my blogroll who don't have one yet, and who would like one.   It would be great to learn more about all of you!  How's that for a cop out?


  1. You deserve the awards bestowed up your lovliness and I am happy to see you received another! I also enjoyed this list! :)

  2. A great list - enjoyed that. thanks for sharing.

  3. Great list! I laughed out loud at #3

  4. I enjoyed your post. It's always fun to learn more about people's interesting, history, and what makes them tick.


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