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Wednesday, November 30, 2011



  1. Are any of those the 'once' bull? I wouldn't stand too close, if so.

  2. No. At least not from the recently purchased batch. But it is the post-'treated' bulls that one may freely stand close to...once they have become....lovely.

  3. cute. strange.. when looking at the pictures i could smell the cows....
    when i was in arkansas this past summer, i would stop the car (or ask my husband to stop it if he was driving).. and take pictures of the cattle lounging in the shade, or standing in a shallow pond... i love the serenity of cows....

  4. Nice pics but I'm glad they're pics. i don't think I could make eye contact that close with the real things.

  5. I grew up in Chicago but moved to Wisconsin when I was 14. Finally, when I was 21 I decided that "I should have touched a cow by now"! So one day I pulled over and reached over a fence and the deed was done.

    Perhaps, Danneromero, that smell is coming from my boots.

    Suzy, the cows are very gentle. Plus I was standing on my side of the electric fence.


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