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Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks, I Think!

Ok Jo Heroux; just because we happen to disagree on a few minor political issues, did you have to go and call my blog "lovely"?  And saddle me with the little pink flowers and delicate porcelain mug or tea cup or whatever  you call it?

Don't be surprised if all my posts turn into rants for monster trucks and mountain climbing and hot dog eating contests and other manly man stuff now that you've challenged me to prove my masculinity!

By the way everybody; you should know that Jo's blog, is very.....mannish!  (There.  That ought to fix her!)  Maybe THAT'S why I like to visit there.  Or else because she has such an endearing pastel display of hummingbird silhouettes arrayed along both margins that it takes my breath away!

PS  Thanks for the award Jo!


  1. Congratulations on your award.
    It's so pretty ;-)

  2. "Thank you" Sarah...I made it....myself?

  3. Congrats on the awesomely pink award. I think its very ... ummm .... lovely.

  4. "Thanks" Stephen. You are very gracious. I bet your blog would look great with such a sweet decor embellishment! (yes, that is a threat!)

    [I'll get you for this Jo!]

  5. Mike Honey...I was just sharing what I thought was a lovely tribute to one of my favorite bloggers! Wow, such a reaction to something so soft and precious. Your masculinity is not in question here, you are just the recipient of my feminine and total adoration. You are man enough to handle this one! ♥

  6. Well...ok then.

    It's all good Jo. You might like this article I wrote a couple of years ago for my very pink Granddaughter.


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