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Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Have a Winner!! Congrats to Sarah Pearson!

It took a while, but Sarah Pearson finally came to the right conclusion!  Yes, Sarah, I lied when I said that I only caught one salmon in the nine years I lived in Ketchikan Alaska.  The truth is that I never caught even the one salmon!  And my older brother who also lived there ran a charter fishing business for a while!

Thanks to everyone who participated.  I will be telling a few of these tales as I can fit them in to the weekly themes.  Yes, I was sued for ruining a couple's sex life, but it was all settled out of court.  (Hmmmm.  That didn't sound right.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


  1. I love that I won - but that you caught less than you said, not more :-)

    I'm looking forward to hearing about some of your adventures!

  2. Tag, you're it, Grandpa Miller. I have an award for you. Pick it up, visit the little bugger, or ignore it in favor of a grandbaby. Just wanted to say I like your blog, even if you haven't taught Rob a single thing. Cheers -Kelly

  3. If there is divine justice, one of your sons will buy you a beer kit for Christmas. I'm just ... hoping. :)

  4. I just bestowed an award and you may invite a few friends to share one also! It's the LOVELY BLOG AWARD! Come by my place and pick up the cute logo and run with it!

  5. Thanks Jo. It is such a darling cute logo isn't it?


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