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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snot Bubble Stunts and Social Development

Not everyone can perform all of the classic Snot Bubble stunts.  Sure, your basic first grader with the sniffles can pull off the standard carbon dioxide filled mucous coated vesicle, but it takes an experienced fourth or fifth grader to percolate a Double Dandy Dripple Dopper.  This is common knowledge.  Most of us failed to achieve any noteworthy nostril spume until well into our thirties or forties, and even then it took a glass of milk and a good joke.  So what does this tell us regarding the Nature vs. Nurture debate?

Obviously, only those born with the particular combination of bronchial/nasal/distasteful genes can discharge expert level SB stunts without even trying, and at an early age.  Yet others, not so gifted, can learn to transfuse as well as the nasal prodigy might, if only they inflate their efforts.  We are each born with a particular set of genes that dictate not our final level of accomplishment, but merely our potential for ascendancy.  It is the nurturing of the inherent traits that actually controls the outcome.  The child who spends hours in front of the mirror huffing allergens and puffing muculent, will no doubt be an Olympic contender when the sport is finally recognized sometime in a future century.  And in the short term, among his peers (if not his parents), he or she will rise to the top of the social hierarchy.

Ultimately, whether your particular skills were inborn and simply uncovered, or sought after and captured in diligence, is immaterial.  The application of your many talents matters more than their genesis.  Will you use your vast array of strengths and experience to advance your own well-being?  Or will these well honed gifts, whether natural or nurtured, go to enhance the development of society at large?


  1. Out of pizza, so um...oh dear, where so I begin with this one? Championship Snot Bubble Competitions will only be attended by boys and men because the women and girls will throw up upon seeing the contestants and will never be able to kiss any one of them ever, ever again! So, okay, my stomach is pretty much settled now, I don't think nature has much to do with this ability, I am falling on the side of lack of nurturing. Just sayin'...

  2. Are you implying that I harbor a vast array of bronchial/nasal/distasteful genes, or that I was merely a child prodigy?

  3. My better genes tell me not to answer that question GPD!

  4. Possibly the most inventive combination of nature vs. nurture and snot bubble expertise I have ever seen. Or...make that the ONLY combination of nature vs nurture and snot bubble expertise I have ever seen. Either way, woke up Hubby trying to choke down the laughter. : - )

  5. I'm impressed. A well written, impressive sounding argument for a subject which is, let's face it, just eugh!

  6. This was impressive and reminded me immediately of my son. He is 6 and can produce a snot bubble that practically engulfs his whole head. Seriously. Didn't get that one from me. My husband taught him how to blow his nose in his hand which is just as disgusting. Very well written, loved the way you gave the good ole snot bubble the spotlight. :D


  7. This was pretty funny and very clever indeed!

    I like what you had to say about putting our natural talents to good use and nurture them!

  8. It's not everyday I get to read or even think about snot bubbles, so thanks Mike!

  9. Unique take on the topic! I confess, I never thought about blowing snot out of one's nose as a genetic or taught trait.


  10. Loved this post, but I do have to make one correction. I have personally witnessed many a toddler who has mastered the Double Dandy Dripple Dopper. ;O)

  11. I've never seen a snot bubble? But, hey, I'm convinced that I can do anything I put my mind to because I come from a family of (overly) Type A and tenacious people. I believe I'm going to side with nature here and hoping that my words and not actions are good enough to back my point.

  12. Forgive me, I'm fairly certain this is NOT a talent I'm going to nurture in my kids. :)

  13. Eww! And loved it.

    My mom has quite the party skill. She likes to use it while riding the lift between ski runs to keep her face clean and clear. Her tongue can pick her nose. Another pretty ewww-invoking talent.

  14. You might consider filming an instructional video for us neophytes (and for those of us who just want to laugh at snot bubbles).

    Great post.


  15. There are some GREAT comments here and I just realized I failed to respond to most of them.

    Jo; Girls talk so much that the required air to form a good SB never comes out the nose!

    Angela: Are you SURE this is the only such article? Did you google 'snot bubble'? (me neither)

    Sarah: I don't see what is so 'eugh' about Snot Bubbles. If you want 'eugh' I can write a dissertation on booger balls next week.

    Kathy: I work with a guy who blows his nose into the front of his shirt. And then he wonders why his wife won't give him a hug when he gets home!

    Beachlover: Thanks, and I'm glad you found the moral to the story under all that goo.

    Jacques: Yeah, you would think there would be a website or something.

    Joyce: Then what DO you think about?

    WordNerd: That's impressive Beth. You must live near a nuclear waste dump.

    Amy: Don't give up hope. You're still young.

    Host: Not every kid can have a total Mom.

    Alana: Your Mom gives (even me)the creeps! But thanks to you, we now know another way to spell 'eugh'. I mean 'eww', or is it 'ewww'?

    Lucy: Sorry, but I personally lack the nature, and was never nurtured well enough to produce on demand. Perhaps a Southern gal such as yourself is more qualified anyway; someone said that in the South, "We don't do crispy"!


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